Entre cielo y tierra



Entre cielo y tierra

Between Heaven and Earth
Here social criticism meets a song of praise for fantasy and the freedom of thought and feeling. The programme consists of a series of compositions for voice and string quartet - two violins, cello, and double bass. The songs sung in Spanish are reminiscent of Latin American songs of the early to mid-20th century and their sound is strongly influenced by the composers Schubert, Dvořák and Mozart.  Phoebe Violet aptly describes the resulting music as "Latin Chamber Pop". The songs convey a very clear message: an appel to society to believe in dreams and to free itself from mental and emotional constraints. The old established opinion that being "emotional" is a negative characteristic of women is proven to be exactly the opposite in the whole production and is presented as the finest strength of the musical performance.  
Great importance is attached to the natural sound of the quartet: neither effects nor electronic instrumentation are used. The idea behind it is to make everything as tangible as possible for the listener. The message, the instrumentation, the inner emotional struggle of the songs are all real events and should be conveyed in this way.

Phoebe Violet (CR/UK) - music / vocals / violin   
Agata Sikorska (PL) - violin 
Zsófia Günther-Mészàros (HUN) - cello 
Mathias Krispin Bucher (AUT)  - double bass

Tú y yo

Tú y yo // work in process

You and Me 
The highs and lows of love is the subject matter, where being fragile and emotional becomes a strength of its own. The quartet presents romance in a fragile and minimalistic way, creating moments of intense intimacy. All in Spanish, all original songs. 
Genre:  Pop, Chamber Music

Phoebe Violet (CR/UK) - music / vocals / violin  
Agata Sikorska (PL) - violin
Zsófia Günther-Mészàros (HUN) - cello
Mathias Krispin Bucher (AUT)  - double bass



I paint portraits of people and animals. I have created a series of paintings sized 20x20 cm with oil colors (other formats also possible).
You can look at my work on my instagram account @phoebeviolet.paintings
If you wish me to paint you or someone you love, send me an email by clicking on the button below.

Price: 80,- Euros per portrait / 100,- Euros for Candlelit Portrait series (first image below) + shipping costs.



The New Normal // work in process

"The New Normal" is a satirical series of short videos that reflect the current trend of normalized activities that are in reality deteriorating the real values of life.
Type: video, satire.

Alors on existe // work in process

And So We Exist
A dance performance dealing with the philosophical concept of Existentialism. The main drive is to remind the audience of free choice based on situations, inspired by Sartre's and Beauvoir's theories on the subjet with an extra touch of my own opinion. 
Type: Theatre, performative art, visual arts, contemporary music

Phoebe Violet (CR/UK) - direction / concept / music
Gisela Elisa Heredia (ARG) - dancer / choreography
Alaa Arkudi (SY) - visuals
Emily Stewart (CR/UK) - violin / vocals 

According to Eurydice // work in process

“According to Eurydice” is a musical myth that tells the tragic love story of Orpheus and Eurydice from the standpoint of Eurydice. The story begins with the death of the nymph and recounts her journey in the Underworld. Told in 6 scenes, the composition acts as an extension to the well known love story without altering Virgil's original myth. The piece will be presented in the shape of a motion picture. 
Type: motion picture, music theatre.

Phoebe Violet (CR/UK) - Eurydice / music / libretto / visuals / vocals / violin  / concept
Ivaylo Iordanov (BG) - double bass 
Nika Saravanja (HR) - direction / camera